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Helping Children Cope

My 5-year-old daughter likes it when her kindergarten teacher closes the blinds and the children huddle under her desk or in the bathroom. She thinks of lock down drills as a game of sardines and that it's fun to try and fit all of the students under the teacher's desk.  After a recent mass shooting, she…
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One Caring Adult

 In a recent poll, one in six Fredericksburg-area students said they had considered suicide in the previous year; one in 10 had attempted to suicide. More than a quarter reported feeling sad or hopeless for more than two weeks during the previous year. One in five teenagers has a mental health condition. Suicide is the…
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Painting a Brighter Future

 Last year, we served 26,156 individuals. We provided help to people who wanted to change their future by: working with individuals to overcome addiction helping babies and toddlers meet developmental milestones creating a community of inclusion for adults with developmental disability teaching parenting skills to moms moms with substance use disorder working with homeless people…
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The Power of a Song

By Michelle Wagaman, Prevention Services Coordinator We all have songs that are special to us. The lyrics. The rhythm. The artist. The memory of the first time we heard it, where we were, or who we were with. I don’t have brown eyes but Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is the very first song I…
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