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18 Tents

A crowd gathered in Market Square on Dec. 21, lighting candles, singing songs, and saying prayers.  At the top of the steps, 18 tents stood as silent sentinels to the memorial service.  The blue and grey tents were topped with a cheery lime green, seeming ready for a camp out.  Each tent represented a homeless…
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Holiday Perfection

By Sharon Killian Well, it is that time of year again.  The thought of decorating the Christmas tree, shopping, wrapping, and cooking is hovering in the back of your mind. But, you may not feel overjoyed at the idea of participating in these festive traditions. Believe it or not, that feeling is a normal feeling…
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Honoring the Homeless

In the past year, our community lost 15 homeless men and women. Micah Ecumenical Ministries will honor them on Dec. 21, which is Homeless Persons Memorial Day.  "With no funeral or family to grieve, it is up to all of us to honor their lives as a community," the event's invitation reads.  We know that…
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Saving Lives

On a weekend this fall, a man living at the Thurman Brisben Center collapsed in the bathroom. An employee of the homeless shelter noticed a needle near the unconscious man and knew she was witnessing a heroin overdose. Fortunately, she and the rest of the staff had been trained to reverse opioid overdoses just one…
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Emergency Services are still available. Please callĀ 540-373-6876 if you or a loved one are experiencing a crisis.

We encourage our community to stay home (whenever possible) and stay safe throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We now offer most of our outpatient, early intervention, and case management services via telemedicine so you can receive the support you need from the safety of your home.

At this time, we are suspending recruitment for most positions. See our employment portal for more information.

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