Programs for Teen Parents

Our Parent Educator is the first to tell you that teens are too young to be parents and that their priority should be academics and obtaining their diploma. The Program for Teen Parents provides essential support to these pregnant and parenting teens to encourage a healthy pregnancy, and a positive, nurturing relationship between parent and child.

Support is provided within Spotsylvania County middle and high schools. Home visits are available. The program assists teens prior to the birth of their child and offers continued support until the child is three years old.

Additional services include:

  • Teen Lamaze Classes
  • Infant First Aid/CPR Training
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Mentoring and Academic Support
  • Infant Massage Classes
  • Parenting Activities
  • Grandparent Support Group

The Program for Teen Parents offers education groups and home visits to discuss:

  • labor and delivery
  • academic issues and opportunities
  • local resources
  • prenatal care (nutrition, exercise)
  • child development
  • how to nurture your child

The Program for Teen Parents is made possible with support from the Spotsylvania County Department of Social Services.

Contact: Joan Gillis, Parent Educator

540-374-3337, ext. 103


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