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Back to School

As area kids head back to school, some will carry more than notebooks and No. 2 pencils. About 20 percent of children have a mental illness--or will have one in the near future. And even for students without a mental illness, the start of a new school year can bring emotions too big to handle. …
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Helping Children Cope

My 5-year-old daughter likes it when her kindergarten teacher closes the blinds and the children huddle under her desk or in the bathroom. She thinks of lock down drills as a game of sardines and that it's fun to try and fit all of the students under the teacher's desk.  After a recent mass shooting, she…
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A Hidden Gem

When Kim Klock's 11-year-old son said he wanted to be with his father, she knew her child needed help. Her husband had just died after a years-long battle with cancer. The family struggled to process the grief, and Klock's oldest son was hit especially hard.  "I didn't know where to turn, there were very few…
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