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Sparking Hope

Besieged by a rising tide of overdoses and suicide, the American life expectancy rate dropped for the third year in a row in 2017, according to reports released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Life expectancy in the United States peaked in 2014, when Americans lived for an average of 78.9 years.…
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Medication-Assisted Treatment

For the second year in a row, American life expectancy has dropped—a phenomenon which hasn’t been seen in more than 50 years. Researchers blame the opioid epidemic, which has led to soaring rates of drug overdose deaths, especially among younger adults. More than 63,000 Americans lost their lives in an overdose in 2016, according to…
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Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

Tonight is the last of the series of opioid town halls held by The Community Collaborative for Youth and Families. These events focus on the opioid epidemic and feature a screening of "Chasing the Dragon," followed by a panel discussion by experts.  The collaborative has held a town hall in each of the localities in…
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