Is there any help while I wait for a waiver?

While you are on the waiting list, you are eligible for the Individual and Family Support Program. This program provides money for individuals on the waiting list. Each year, there is a time period to apply for this money.

Virginia also offers crisis services for individuals with a developmental disability through the REACH program. Our area is served by the Northern region, and the crisis line is (855) 897-8278.

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Emergency Services are still available. Please call 540-373-6876 if you or a loved one are experiencing a crisis.

We encourage our community to stay home (whenever possible) and stay safe throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We now offer most of our outpatient, early intervention, and case management services via telemedicine so you can receive the support you need from the safety of your home.

At this time, we are suspending recruitment for most positions. See our employment portal for more information.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources