NameSuper Awesome Act
Amy Jindra, Kenmore Club Coordinatorfor saving the day once again by dropping everything to teach Trauma Informed Care when an instructor didn't show up to NEO.
Emily O’Brien a mother said, “It’s sort of like she is teaching me tricks and tools to help him and I’m passing them on to my husband for when they’re alone. Another huge thing, she suggested he start with animal sounds, and sure enough he took to it immediately. And that seems to have really have helped him forming sounds. She’s truly been great. I can’t say enough about her!”
Teresa McDonnel, HR Staffing Specialist for tracking the Rappahannock United Way Pledge Forms and providing updates on the campaign competition between divisions. Thanks for going the extra mile!
Katie Barnes, Clinic Coordinator II and Ellen Poulin, Office Manager II at the Spotsylvania Outpatient Clinic for rescuing “Racing Ron.” The 2019 Rappahannock United Way Committee appreciates your support and diligent efforts!

Dawn Williams, Office Associate II for Transportation Services who has gone above and beyond to support the program in the absence of the Transportation Supervisor. The added efforts and accomplishments are truly appreciated.
Darragh Walker, ICF Manager II and Angela D’Angelo, Respite Group Home Supervisor, along with Brandie Williams, Director of Operations who all volunteered for the 2019 Rappahannock United Way Campaign Committee. All of your ideas, creativity, and assistance presenting the campaign information to RACSB employees is a tremendous support! #vroom,vroom

Kenmore Club for providing lunches for Sunshine Lady House in September.
Michael Demmiefor dropping everything and coming to Jackson Street to conduct an interview at the last minute.
Steve Curtis and Courtney Rossfor working hard to get the group home licenses renewed.
Kaitlin Barry for providing MH Residential with a great and informative training on drug screens. She took the time out of her busy schedule to prepare and give a presentation.
Dr. Sudhir Nagaraja; Dr. Trisha Aberton; and Lauren Ballserving on a panel at the “Ending the Silence” program at Germanna Community College. They fielded a lot of good—and tough—questions from the audience and provided great information that will help many people.
Jennifer Bateman, Prevention Specialistfor going above and beyond to restore the copier to the network and resume printing, copying, and scanning functions.
Jeremy Burton who was featured in was featured in the Addiction Now website, https://www.drugaddictionnow.com/2018/10/23/fredericksburg-peer-recovery-group-assists-community-members/


Name Super Awesome Deeds    
All the clinic office managers for helping out with hospital discharge appointments!​    
Amber Washington for stepping up without hesitation and making sure residents' needs were met during an unexpected staff change. 
Amy Wanderer for always being able to lend a helping hand.​    
Barbara Knight for getting in a last minute state discharge appointment!​    
Brianna Hall  for providing assistance in facilitating a smooth transition from state hospital to community for a client new to RACSB services. ​
Carleigh Weaver  for all her efforts in making referrals for a client who needed services through the VA.​    
Clarice Barker for providing awesome pictures of day support participants having fun.     
Darragh Walker for volunteering to cover Therops re-cert trainings on a SUPER busy day for RACSB.    
DS Support Coordination team for inviting Audrey Davis, Intern, to shadow them on visits and meetings and making her feel welcome. ​  
Francis Kanu and Trish Green  for working together to put out a fire at RAAI this summer.     
Georgette Disney for covering shifts in a time of need.     
Kelsey Vetter  for being flexible with schedule making it easy to accommodate unexpected scenarios.​    
Mary Klontzaris for staying longer than scheduled to help a coworker.     
Michelle Wagaman for writing blog posts and Cornerstone articles.     
Patricia Newman  always being there to help out!​    
Rhonda Parrish who went out of her way to help move a large piece of medical equipment out of the PACT basement! She really went above and beyond!​
Sachiko Jordan  for helping with a GAP assessment​ and for explaining changes to the Clinical Elements Form.​  
Sherry Thompson for reaching a training milestone. She has trained 500 community members in Mental Health First Aid since 2014. Congrats, Sherry!
The Wolfe Street ICF overnight team for doing a good job following up on initials on documentation.    
Wilber Galindo, Georgette Dinsey, Amber Washington, Karolynn Kyler for attempting swimming during unexpected weather changes.     
Wilber Galindo, Georgette Dinsey, Apriljoy Brown from Wolfe St. ICF who were noticed in public providing excellent service.    
Wolfe Street ICF Team for doing a great job caring for residents in a time of distress.     
Wolfe Street ICF team for completing behavior checklist in such detail.     

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