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Developmental Services (5)

We offer respite services at our Myers Drive Respite Home for adults with developmental disabilities.  These services are catered to supporting individuals’ needs while providing a safe environment. Families rely on the program to support  their loved ones while they tend to business, travel, or simply take a break themselves from providing the supports at home.  Myers Drive is likewise an opportunity for visiting individuals to explore meaningful trips and opportunities in their community.  Stays can last from a few hours up to 2 weeks at a time.  The best way to get the process started if interested in the service is by asking your support coordinator to arrange a tour to learn more or calling 540-899-4670 and requesting additional information.

We do periodically have openings in our residential programs.  The best way to explore these opportunities is to contact your support coordinator and ask them to check availability and make a referral for assessment for one of the openings.

A waiver is a long-term support system for someone who will have long-term care needs, like someone with a developmental disability.  The waiver provides access to a number of services, including personal care attendants, respite care, group home supports, day services, assistive technology, environmental modifications, nursing, and more.  

Waivers are funded by Medicaid and are often called Medicaid Waivers.  Individuals  must qualify for long-term care Medicaid to use a Waiver.  As of 2017, this means that an adult with a disability cannot have more than $2,000 in assets in their name (unless those assets are in a Special Needs Trust or ABLE Account) and they cannot earn more than $2,205 per month.  

Call to be screened for eligibility for the Developmental Disability Waiver. Our staff will determine if you meet the state’s definition of a developmental disability and meet other criteria. If you qualify, you will be placed on a waiting list for a waiver. You will receive a priority rating based on your level of need. We will meet with you to assess your situation and needs and will determine if you have a priority level of 1,2, or 3.

This waiting list is not chronological but is based on need. In Virginia, there are more than 11,000 individuals on the waiting list. In our region, there are nearly 700.

To schedule a screening, call:

    Fredericksburg, Caroline, and King George: 540-804-633-9997, ext. 237

    Spotsylvania: 540-582-7326

    Stafford: 540-659-2725, ext. 230

While you are on the waiting list, you are eligible for the Individual and Family Support Program. This program provides money for individuals on the waiting list. Each year, there is a time period to apply for this money.

Virginia also offers crisis services for individuals with a developmental disability through the REACH program. Our area is served by the Northern region, and the crisis line is (855) 897-8278.

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Emergency Services are still available. Please call 540-373-6876 if you or a loved one are experiencing a crisis.

Due to the current State of Emergency, and in accordance with recommendation to limit in-person gatherings to 10 or less, our May Board of Directors meeting will be held virtually at 5 p.m. on May 19. Public comment may be submitted up until 4:00 pm on May 19th by emailing  publicinformation@rappahannockareacsb.org.  Public comments that include the full name and address of the commenter will be read into the record during the Public Comment portion of the meeting.  The meeting will be Livestreamed on Rappahannock Area Community Services Board’s Facebook page on May 19, 2020 at 5:00 pm.

We encourage our community to stay home (whenever possible) and stay safe throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. We now offer most of our outpatient, early intervention, and case management services via telemedicine so you can receive the support you need from the safety of your home.

Our committee and board meetings and facilities tour for April have been canceled. Our day support programs are suspended temporarily.

Our popular plant sale is continuing but with some changes to ensure everyone's safety. Please order ahead and your plants will be waiting for you when you drive up.

At this time, we are suspending recruitment for most positions. See our employment portal for more information.

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