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When your child is full-grown but requires ‘round-the-clock care, you can’t just call the teenager down the street when you need to get away. Vacations, weddings and date nights often require strategic planning. We offer a solution for parents of adult children who have a developmental disability—The Myers Drive Respite Home.

This respite home opened its doors in 2013. The agency partnered with philanthropist Doris Buffett to renovate a three-bedroom ranch into a six-bedroom respite center where guests can stay for up to 15 days at a time. Individuals could stay for a few hours or several nights.

In addition to providing respite for caregivers, the home also offers social events, outings, and leisure activities for the guests.

Many guests have a Medicaid waiver, but respite care is available to individuals who don’t have Medicaid. For those guests, we offer a sliding fee scale.

Guests do not need to be open to RACSB services, but they should have case management through some organization, as this helps with the pre-screening and admissions process. Guests do need to be 18 and older.

Myers Drive staff can handle a variety of medical and behavioral needs. To determine if the respite program is right for you, call  540-899-4670.

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