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RACSB Prevention Services partner with schools, community groups, and others in the community to provide a variety of curriculums to prevent youth from using and abusing substances. We also support social-emotional development in youth.

DARE to Be You

The Rappahannock Area Community Services Board offers the exciting family education program, DARE To Be You. Through a series of interactive workshops, families learn about communication, decision making, and problem-solving.  Parents learn how to foster a positive self-concept not only in their children but also within themselves.  Parents and children alike learn how to prioritize goals and how to work towards becoming a more cohesive family unit.  A family style meal is provided at each session and a $50 gift card is awarded to each adult that completes all scheduled sessions

What Is Being Said About DARE To Be You?

Parent Comments:

“My partner and I communicate a lot better since attending this class.  We talk about the topics on the way home and have found a more positive way towards raising our children together.  We are now both on the same parenting page.”

“I feel more secure in my ability to parent my kids.  I have also looked at my own decision making process and now know what decisions I need to change for the good of my family.”

“I have been a mother and a grandmother for 67 years and thought that I knew all there was to know about parenting.  I was very surprised to have learned so many new skills from attending the DARE To Be You parenting classes with my daughter and grandchildren.”

Children Comments:

“I wish DARE To Be You could last forever.”

“I learned that it is okay to smile and be myself.”

“I felt like I was in a safe place when I came to DARE To Be You.”

For more information please contact Prevention Services at 540-374-3337.

HALO: Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones is an interactive, evidence-based program supporting children ages 3 to 5 in making healthy choices. Through HALO, children learn to recognize: the difference between safe and harmful choices; safety precautions for medicine; and importance of good nutrition and physical activity. Participants are provided information on the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Media Detective and Media Ready are two media literacy programs that provide youth the tools and knowledge to deconstruct advertisements. Media Detective is for 3rd through 5th grade and Media Ready follow completion of Media Detective for 6th through 8th grade. The goal of the programs are to prevent underage alcohol and tobacco use.  The programs consist of 10 45-minute lessons based on established models of decision-making and research on the message interpretation process. This program fosters critical thinking skills in interpreting media messages.

Second Step is a classroom-based skills program for preschool through 5th grade. The Second Step program teaches children to identify and understand their own and others’ emotions, to reduce their impulsiveness, and to manage their emotional reactions, and to improve their decision making process. This program is available to after-school programs, preschool programs, and daycare centers.

Too Good for Drugs (TGFD) is a substance abuse prevention program, available for youth in preschool through fifth grade. It is implemented over 10 weekly sessions. The program teaches students about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drug abuse on their developing body and brain. Students explore how goals, peers, media, and family influence their decisions and apply problem-solving skills to identify healthy alternatives to drugs. They are supported to make positive choices and lead health, productive lives.

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