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Teacher Appreciation Week is fast approaching–May 6-10. And we’ve got just what you need–a simple teacher appreciation gift that helps adults with developmental disability AND our planet.


  • A small succulent,
  • The top of a plastic Easter egg,
  • A gold leafing pen, gold paint marker, or gold paint,
  • A tiny marble tile from a home improvement store,
  • A glue gun or heavy duty glue (like Gorilla Glue or E6000)
  • Optional: A printer and cardstock.

Step 1: Head out to our plant sale (happening until May 11 at 750 Kings Highway). Pick up a cute succulent. Get a few more flowers, veggies, and herbs while you’re there!

Step 2: Take the top of a plastic Easter egg. Color the top with a gold pen or dip it in gold paint.

Step 3: Glue the Easter egg top to the tile (dab the holes in the Easter egg with dots from your glue gun to keep the soil from falling out–a lesson I learned the hard way!).

Step 4: Plant the succulent in your new, tiny planter.

Step 5: Print out these tags.

Succulents are fairly easy to take care of–they just need a little bit of water every two weeks. Our horticulture specialist likes to water hers on payday to keep track.

These also make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts!

Succulents not your thing? Pick up some potted flowers, herbs, or veggies for your favorite teacher. Print these tags and you’ve got an awesome, practical, Earth-friendly gift.

And these simple tags are perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and any time you want to show some appreciation for a special person in your life.

A succulent planted in a plastic Easter egg makes a wonderful teacher appreciation gift.

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