Early Intervention


Early Intervention

The earliest years are exciting--filled with many firsts--smiles, words, steps. When your child isn’t meeting developmental milestones, it can be scary and lonely. But you don’t have to face developmental delays alone. We’re here to help you determine if your baby or toddler needs support.

The Parent Education-Infant Development Program is an early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays. We serve children ages 3 and younger who live in the City of Fredericksburg or the counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.

If you are concerned about your child’s development, give us a call. We will schedule a screening, where the infant or toddler is assessed by our staff members from various fields, including early childhood special education, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, and physical therapy. These screenings are free. If your child is eligible for services, those are provided based on ability to pay and no one is denied services because of an inability to pay. If a family has private insurance, that company will be billed for services.

We offer a wide range of services aimed to minimize any developmental delays and to help your child develop to their fullest potential. These services are provided in your home. Our staff work with parents to build the child’s skills.

Do you need early intervention?

If you answer no to any of these questions, please give us a call. This is a general list and is only a guide for the possibility of delays. Babies grow and develop at their own pace. We’ll help you determine if your child needs early intervention services:

Does your child...

0-3 months

Does your child respond to loud noises, demonstrate a social smile, coo, visually follow an object, and begin to hold head erect?

3-6 months

Does your child recognize and respond to his/her name, use vowel like sounds, hold and explore toys and roll over?

6-12 months

Does your child respond to his or her name, babble and begin to speak his/her first words such as "ma-ma" and "da-da," sit unsupported, follow simple requests, transfer toys from hand to hand, and wave "bye-bye"?

12-18 months

Does your child follow simple commands, begin to name objects, walk alone, scribble with a crayon, finger feed, and begin to drink from a cup?

18-24 months

Does your child recognize pictures in a book, point to body parts, begin to use two word sentences, put shapes in a shape sorter, kick and throw a ball, and eat table foods independently?

2-3 Years

Does your child follow 2- to 3-step unrelated commands; understand and use 2-4 word sentences to communicate family names, action, common objects, location (i.e., in, out) and attributes (i.e., big, hot, dirty); use pretend play; and draw simple pictures?

Parent Education - Infant Development Program

700 Kenmore Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Infant & Toddler Connection of the Rappahannock Area


877-268-4169 (toll-free)

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