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Focusing on Care

Rappahannock Area Community Services Board announces a continued partnership with Netsmart that will position the agency to capitalize on technological advances, measure outcomes and reduce gaps in communication among healthcare partners. RACSB and Netsmart share a common vision of leveraging technology and innovation to create a more seamless, coordinated, outcome-driven approach to serving the needs…
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Virginia CIT Peer of the Year 2020

Congratulations to Joe Stafford, who has been chosen as the 2020 Virginia Crisis Intervention Team Peer of the Year! We are so lucky to have Joe as one of our amazing peers. He works with the Rappahannock Crisis Intervention Team to help individuals experiencing mental health emergencies. His nomination for the award does a great…
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Learn the Latest in Substance Abuse Trends

If marijuana is legal, does that mean it’s safe? What’s a skittles party? What’s up with these spicy social media challenges? Today’s adolescents seem to have their own code, one that’s unbreakable for adults. Teenage jargon and ever-changing technology present challenges for parents, educators, mentors, coaches and clergy trying to spot signs of substance abuse.…
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Spot the Signs of Substance Abuse in Teens

Is that air freshener masking the scent of dirty laundry--or something more deadly? Is that soda can evidence of a caffeine boost or a more dangerous substance? For teenagers, hats can do more than hide a bad hair day. They can also camouflage a bad habit. A free virtual workshop will help parents and other…
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