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If You Need Help

The COVID-19 outbreak brings a lot of new worries. We're here to help. If you need to know about our services during the coronavirus pandemic, click here. If you need resources for mental health, substance use disorder, or developmental disability, click here. Here are some local resources if you or someone you know is struggling…
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Keep it Simple

from Prevention Specialist Sherry Thompson While health and physical safety are important, it is also important to be aware of how your children are feeling and thinking about the crisis. Here are some ways that you can support your children during the Coronavirus Crisis: Be creative; use household items for art projects, make your own…
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COVID 19 Updates

As an agency, we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. Please check here for the latest RACSB updates. Emergency Services Emergency Services are still available. Please call 540-373-6876 if you or a loved one are experiencing a crisis. Media Releases Here are our media releases related to COVID-19: March 20March 19 Here…
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Peer Support

Have you been through a particularly trying time, say for instance a serious medical diagnosis?  Did you wish that you had someone to talk to who had been though a similar experience?  Would it have calmed your concerns to talk with a person who shared their own experience with a similar diagnosis; told you how…
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