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Suicide Safer Communities

We all have a role in suicide prevention. We can monitor our own wellness and seek help. We can recognize when others are in distress and provide varying levels of support. We can remove access to lethal means. We can promote healthy choices. We can educate ourselves on mental health challenges, helpful things to do,…
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Learning to Help

A growing number of American youth exhibit signs of mental illness or substance abuse, and it can be difficult for adults to understand the difference between teenage angst and behavioral health issues. Research shows that nearly three-quarters of American children with depression don’t receive treatment. When adults are trained to recognize the signs of mental…
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Prevention Saves Lives

By Michelle Wagaman, Prevention Services Coordinator I shouldn’t be surprised by this after nearly 12 years of working at the Rappahannock Area Community Services Board (RACSB) but it still happens. I am often in a situation or with a group of people discussing a human condition or need for support. And more often than not,…
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Mental Health First Aid

A surgeon on a daily run. A guest helping to load Christmas trees. A visitor to a local museum.  They are among the many lives saved because bystanders knew CPR. We recognize the importance of CPR, so many area companies and agencies require employees to learn the life-saving method.  But there is another form of…
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