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The Virginia School Counselor Association has named Sarah Ritchie as 2023 Elementary School Counselor of the Year.

Ritchie, a school counselor at King George Elementary School, serves on the Board of Directors at RACSB. She represents King George County.

RACSB serves five localities, and each local government appoints three people to serve as Board Members.

Ritchie has served on the Board since August 2022. As a school counselor, she brings a deep understanding of the mental health issues affecting our community and a wealth of knowledge about needs and resources.

Each year, the VSCA chooses awardees who make positive impacts in their school communities. The group names a top elementary school counselor and secondary school counselor each year. This year’s recipients will be honored during a lunch at the 2023 state conference in October.

Ritchie is the third of the agency’s board members to receive a special award in the past two months:

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