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Did you know that diapers can impact the chances of a child attending college in the future? One in three moms say they struggle to afford diapers for their children. Without this basic supply, children can’t attend early childhood education programs or go to daycare so their parents can work. 

A child who attends an early education program is three times more likely to go on to higher education. 

The average baby goes through 6-10 diapers a day, with a price tag of about $70-$80 a month, according to the National Diaper Bank Network. Add in wipes, and parents can spend $100 a month just to keep their baby’s bottom clean–giving a whole new meaning to bottom line.

‘Blown Away’

Our Healthy Families Rappahannock Area employees like to help the parents they serve by providing some basics. Often, family support workers bring a handful of diapers for families and connect them with other resources. With hundreds of families, those costs can add up fast. 

Man loading boxes into a car

As a father of four, Davy Fearon is a pro at packing tons of items–a skill that came in handy when he went to Quarles for their diaper drive.

Which is why we’re so grateful for Quarles Petroleum. Each year, the employees of Quarles host a diaper drive to help our families. This year, they collected about 6,000 diapers. When Davy Fearon, HFRA program manager, came to pick up the collection, he didn’t expect to tote thousands of diapers! 

Quarles Petroleum collected about 6,000 diapers for HFRA,

 Quarles held its annual diaper drive as part of the Rappahannock United Way’s Seasons of Service campaign this year. For fall, that campaign includes support for babies and toddlers. RUW collected other supplies and added clothes, toys, and baby necessities to the diapers and wipes. 

“We were totally blown away by the response,” Fearon said. “Quarles Petroleum and the Rappahannock United Way have really outdone themselves this year.  To our hard working families doing their best daily and still may come up short, this gesture of kindness goes a long way.  Easing any stress we can for parents helps children grow up to be mentally and physically healthy and successful.” 

The Diaper Bag

Need diapers? For families who don’t participate in HFRA, diapers are available through the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank through a partnership with the Fredericskburg Area Service League.  

Want to help? HFRA is accepting donations for our mission of helping new families get off to a good start. Find ways to support us here

Also, the Fredericksburg Area Service League’s Diaper Bag effort is always looking for help. You can donate, hold a diaper drive, or become a sponsor. 

A large pile of diapers

We’re so grateful to Quarles Petroleum for this giant haul of diapers and wipes!

HFRA is a nonprofit and a partner agency of Rappahannock United Way. RACSB serves as the fiscal agent for HFRA. 

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