RACSB Prevention Services seek to reduce the problems related to alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use while encouraging mental wellness. Efforts to inform the community of the problems associated with these issues are combined with offering evidence-based curriculums in partnership with local schools, daycares, community groups, and non-profit organizations.  

Prevention Services work to reduce individual, family, and environmental risk factors while increasing resiliency and enhancing protective factors. We recognize that achieving comprehensive community wellness requires a collaborative approach.

The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is utilized to assess community needs related to the prevention of substance use disorders and promotion of mental health. The Prevention Team helps to plan and implement evidence-based strategies and engage in evaluation following the implementation of these strategies.

To learn more, please call: 540-374-3337.

  • Youth Prevention Programs
    RACSB Prevention Services partner with schools, community groups, and others in the community to provide a variety of curriculums to prevent youth from using and abusing substances. We also support social-emotional development in youth. DARE to Be You The Rappahannock Area Community Services Board offers the exciting family education program, DARE To Be You. Through…
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  • Suicide Prevention
    Mental Health First Aid Just like CPR, we want everyone to take the Mental Health First Aid training. It’s an education program designed to provide our community with the skills needed to recognize mental health challenges and to safely respond to an individual in crisis. Introduces risk factors and warning signs of mental health challenges…
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  • Programs for Teen Parents
    Our Parent Educator is the first to tell you that teens are too young to be parents and that their priority should be academics and obtaining their diploma. The Program for Teen Parents provides essential support to these pregnant and parenting teens to encourage a healthy pregnancy, and a positive, nurturing relationship between parent and…
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  • Rappahannock Area Kids on the Block
    We all have different learning styles. We know through the continued success of programs like Sesame Street and other popular kid’s networks, children relate to and love puppets. Our community is fortunate to have the Rappahannock Area Kids on the Block youth puppet prevention education program. The 3½ foot tall “puppet kids” discuss important (and…
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  • Healthy Families Rappahannock Area
    Wouldn’t it be nice if babies came with instruction manuals? Parenting is hard. Can you imagine the additional stress of single parenting, inadequate income, domestic violence, limited education, or having to raise a child or children from the memories of your own unpleasant childhood? Healthy Families Rappahannock Area (HFRA) is a living, breathing manual that…
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  • Hunger for Hope

    Seeking a more intense high than pills provided, Jeremy Burton begged a friend to show him how to shoot heroin into his veins. A few years later, mentors in a 12-step program showed Burton how to find a path to sobriety. Nearly 18 months after…

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  • Temper Taming

    A canceled appointment. A grumpy cashier. A bad call from a referee.  Each day brings many frustrations. And a little bit of anger is normal--and, even healthy. But if anger interrupts your life and harms your relationships, you could be in trouble. RACSB will offer…

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  • A Fond Farewell

    By Michelle Wagaman, Prevention Services Coordinator Throughout our lives, we can point to those who have influenced us. For many it’s our own parents and family. Perhaps it’s your circle of friends or neighbors. Teachers, coaches, scout leaders, and the list goes on. We often…

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