Portfolio Category: Mental Health

Mental Health Outpatient Services

We want to help you live the best life possible, so we offer comprehensive behavioral health services in our outpatient clinics. We provide help to individuals who deal with depression or anxiety, are trying to process trauma, or who struggle with other behavioral health concerns. Our licensed professional clinicians offer individual, group, and family therapy;…
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Assertive Community Treatment

Home is often the best place to heal for individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness. Too often, they end up in jail or on the streets. Our Program for Assertive Community Treatment aims to keep people with severe and persistent mental illness at home. The PACT team meets individuals where they are and…
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Peer Services

The path to recovery can be long and winding. It often helps to have someone who has traveled the same road to point out bumps and twists along the way. Peer specialists provide this service for people recovering from mental illness or addiction. A peer support specialist can help with the empathy and compassion that…
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Mental Health Case Management

Mental health care encompasses more than therapy appointments and medication. For individuals struggling with behavioral health challenges, everyday tasks can become unmanageable. It can be difficult to meet basic needs, such as food, housing, healthcare, employment, and vocational training. Mental Health Case Managers help individuals navigate an array of  treatment options, behavioral healthcare programs, and…
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