Emergency Services: 540-373-6876

At our Sunshine Lady House for Mental Health Wellness and Recovery, our highly trained staff can provide medication and support designed to ensure the safe withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines. We also offer an integrated approach to wellness, combining detox services with counseling, support, and eductation.

Individuals must meet the criteria for crisis stabilization in order to receive detox services. We will not accept individuals with medical problems that could pose a significant risk to health or safety. We also do not accept pregnant heroin users, because of the high risk of miscarriage and other problems associated with withdrawal, and will assist with referral to an appropriate treatment facility.

Each detox regimen is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Once the initial symptoms of withdrawal pass, an individual would be expected to participate in group and individual counseling. Individuals will develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan and take part in a myriad of treatment options, including groups focusing on co-occurring treatment strategies, anger management, medication education, self esteem, community needs, therapeutic arts, nutrition, and healthy relationships.

An individual is considered ready for discharge when they are medically and emotionally stable to transition to the next appropriate level of continuing care.

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