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The summer of 2020 has been filled with cancelled plans and disappointments for most of us. And Damian was no exception. He had been really looking forward to a summer beach trip but COVID interfered.

But the Direct Support Professionals who work at Rappahannock Adult Activities were determined that Damian would enjoy his summer. They gave him six trips to local beaches within 20 days of his initial request.

Exploring Fairview Beach

While many have been using the pandemic to catch up on home projects or enjoy a bit of down time, DSPs don’t have that luxury. They are essential in every sense of the word. A DSP cares for individuals with developmental disability, helping them to reach their fullest potential. Their work can’t be done virtually. There is no way to Zoom 1-on-1 care.

This week has been National Direct Support Professionals Week, a time set aside to honor the life-changing work performed by thousands of caregivers throughout our country. And every year, we are extremely grateful for the men and women who choose to work with their hearts. This job is not easy. It will not lead to fame or fortune. But it is a job that directly impacts so many lives.

And here at RACSB, we are fortunate to have some of the best DSPs ever.

They help individuals create the rooms of their dreams.
They make birthday celebrations extra-large.
They make sure romance has time to blossom, even in the midst of a pandemic.
They promote healthy living, even when the gyms are closed.
They’re always up for some intergalactic fun.
They know how to make life sweet.
They help individuals scale new heights.
And perform their civic duties.
And reach every opportunity in life.

So please join us in thanking these remarkable men and women, who bring their work ethics, their skills, their compassion, and their creativity to RACSB and the individuals we serve every single day.

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