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It’s about time to ring in 2023! For many of us, the year ends with festive fun, gatherings and parties.

These can all wreak havoc on recovery journeys–whether from temptations offered or from the stressors of socializing. RACSB staff offer some tips for navigating this season when you’re struggling with substance use disorders:

  • Have fun non-alcoholic drinks available for yourself and your guests. Just because a drink does not contain alcohol don’t mean it can’t be fun. Add a maraschino cherry!
  • Bring something to each gathering for yourself to enjoy whether that be mocktails, coffee, or different flavors of tea.
  • Attend a support meeting before parties.
  • If you’ve already got a favorite non-alcoholic beverage in your hand, people will be less likely to offer you a drink.
  • Invite a sober friend to join you at gatherings.
  • Prepare yourself–script responses to offers of alcohol and other substances in advance.
  • It is often best to not attend but if you go and feel triggered then you should leave.

Keep your well-being and sobriety a priority. If you think a situation will risk your recovery, feel free to refuse, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. And remember to build new tribes of supportive and understanding people. You can find virtual, peer-led support groups here.

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